Feeling Discouraged about your Freelance Practice?

I feel you.

When I first started out, no one told me what needed to go in a contract, what a proposal consisted of, how to price projects, how to promote myself, and most importantly.

No one told me how to get clients!

This is along road we are expected to navigate on our own.. and no one gave us a map

... until now.

Who runs this operation anyway?

Hi I'm Margaret

I’ll be your guide to navigating the world of Freelancing.

You are not alone. One of the biggest reasons people give up (or don’t start a business in the first place) is because they don’t have the support of someone who has walked the path before. That all changes now.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Want to learn more about my hiostory with freelancing? Check out my about page here:

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